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8 Tips for Decorating the Bathroom before a House Sale

March 23, 2017 at 9:46 am Diana Smith 0 Tips & Tricks

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home… and a pain in the neck for everyone trying to prepare for a house sale. Bathroom elements are not that cheap, pipe layout limits pretty much every decision you make, and you usually don’t have too much space on disposal to begin with. However, small miracles do happen even with subtle changes and interesting details. Let’s take a look at a couple of frugal bathroom decoration ideas that can transform your everyday bathroom into a prospective buyers will love.

Repaint the Bathroom

Painting is decoration 101. Changing the colors of the walls will instantly transform how the room appears. So, if you want to do something different and really get out there, ditch the traditional whites and grays and replace them with soft shades of green, orange, blue or yellow. A few brush strokes will immediately bring a breath of fresh air into the room.


Use the Power of Curtains

Shower curtains are great – they cover a lot of space, they draw a lot of attention, and what’s most important, they are extremely cheap. Therefore, if your shower or your bathtub doesn’t look so flattering, it’s probably the best move to hide it altogether. Also, because of the huge size, curtains are an excellent way to set some interesting pattern you will later use throughout the room.


Get Rid of the Clutter

One of the Achilles’ heels of every small bathroom is that, no matter what you do design-wise, it always looks cramped and cluttered. Take out everything you don’t need, and give that poor room some space to breathe. Once you remove laundry baskets, excessive shelving, and all other unnecessary elements, the space will look more open and much cleaner. Not to mention that potential buyers can now start to envision themselves enjoying a bubble bath or a hot shower after a long day.


Bring in Some Art

Now that you’ve made enough room on your canvas, it’s time to paint some art all over it. Unleash your imagination. Interesting clocks, pictures, sculptures – virtually any good-looking piece of art will give your buyers something beautiful to look at and add a lot of ambience to the room. Imagine you’re taking a virtual tour of your house, from a buyer’s perspective. What would you like to see on the wall?

Put the Cleansers into Uniform Bottles

There are very few things that look uglier than a bunch of cleansers piled up in the bathroom corner. But, what if we told you that this visual clutter can be repurposed into a very interesting design element? Just buy a couple of uniform bottles that suit the style you are pursuing (e.g. vintage, clean-cut, etc.), repackage the content and, voila, the problem is solved. You can use the same approach with your cosmetics.

Take out everything you don’t need, and give that poor room some space to breathe.

Expand the Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are awesome; they help expand the space, they disperse light, and are pretty amazing design elements on their own. If you manage to fit a mirror-shelving combo into your bathroom, like the ones sold by Acqua Bathrooms, you are going to kill two pretty substantial birds with only one stone.


Cover the Floor with Rugs

The benefits of having a rug in the bathroom are threefold. First, you’ll be able to cover some tiles that got worn out over the years or simply aren’t pleasant to look at. Second, rugs are extremely cozy, and they’ll make the bathroom that much pleasant. Finally, you’ll get the opportunity to reinforce the pattern you set with the shower curtain.


Plant Some Plants

Plants are not only beautiful to look at and make any space they inhabit much livelier, they also help with stress and anxiety, and purify the air. However, not every plant will thrive in the dark and humid environment such as bathroom. For this occasion, you should go with plants like bamboo, aloe vera, begonia and Chinese evergreen.

Addressing the bathroom design problems has never been easy, but it’s nowhere near impossible. Use these eight tips and your bathroom will never look the same again.



Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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