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Category Archives: Real estate photography

The Best 360 Cameras for Real Estate Right Now

May 31 Julia E. Miller 0

You’re standing in front of a great hall, searching for a focal point. Mirrors everywhere, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling (all lit up!), rugs in all shapes and sizes, and a moose eyeballing you from the corner. This job has all the chances of turning into […]

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5 Essential Tips for Real Estate Photographers

Jan 13 Julia E. Miller 0

Homeowners know their house best – every corner, flaw or asset – and should be the ones in charge of advertising it when it comes to a sale. After all, who could tell the house’s story better than those who lived in it for so many years? […]

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Let’s Shed Some Light on Aperture and Shutter Speed

Jan 10 Julia E. Miller 0

Light and illumination are the pillars of photography. Actually, if we were to make a top of elements that define photography, light would have to come first, because without it illumination isn’t even possible. Your camera reacts to light the same way or very much similar to […]

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The easy way to create an amazing panorama

Nov 23 Olivia Kosta 1

A fantastic property, to die-for interior design and top of the line accessories. Everything was impeccably prepared for the photo shoot: natural light in abundance, carpets cleaned, cushions puffed, no pets and not a single speck of dust anywhere to be seen. While I happily clicked my […]

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Professional pictures of real estate interiors

Mar 30 Olivia Kosta 2

Picture yourself searching through house listings and browsing a photo gallery. What draws your attention first? The big painting hanging in the hallway or the double stairway leading to the second floor? Do you see the freshly painted walls or you just want to tuck your toes […]

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