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Category Archives: Top Real Estate

How to Find the Right Real Estate Broker

Apr 14 Kaya Wittenburg 0

Finding the right real estate broker is kind of like dating. You want someone who listens more than they talk, who has a proven track record of successful relationships, who works hard, is a good communicator, is honest, has a strong work ethic and is passionate. When […]

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Key facts every first-time home buyer must know

Mar 2 Diana Smith 0

Buying a property is probably the biggest and most challenging investment anyone can make. It’s a wonderful and exciting process: you have probably been daydreaming about the look of your future kitchen for ages. It is, however, a bit scary once you begin to realize what buying […]

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Straightforward Social Media Strategies for Realtors

Feb 14 Square 1 Group 0

Digital marketing has become a commonplace way for agents and clients to connect – and since the overwhelming majority of buyers starts their purchase journey on the internet, real estate agents who neglect their online presence stand to lose out. Most real estate professionals have websites and […]

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5 Essential Steps to a Perfect Spring House Sale

Feb 12 Julia E. Miller 1

Now that winter is over, you can finally begin to prepare for a house sale. As always, time is of the essence so let’s not waste any more precious seconds running around in circles and hyperventilating over that dozens of boxes waiting in the hallway. Or the […]

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How to Supercharge Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Feb 3 Julia E. Miller 1

Inbound marketing has essentially changed the way people do real estate business. Rather than cold-calling and plastering billboard ads all over the place, inbound gets the message across to people who are already looking for what you have to offer. Instead of annoying customers with unwanted ads […]

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How to Sell a Rundown House Fast and Make a Profit

Jan 19 Julia E. Miller 0

Popular real estate TV shows have created the idea that houses have to be in a perfect location, upgraded inside and out, with all new stainless steel appliances and priced just right. Not only that, but most home buyers appearing on TV come off as picky, always […]

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How to Design a Perfect Nursery in Your for Sale House

Dec 22 Diana Smith 0

A ready designed nursery scores high on the list of things young families look for in their future home, especially if they have a little bundle of joy on its way. But, what can you do, as a home seller, to improve your chances on the market […]

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What Home Buyers Should Know About Home Inspections

Nov 17 Lana Hawkins 1

If you’ve ever wondered what home inspectors actually do, why their services are necessary when buying a property or what to ask them about home inspections, this article will provide you with all the answers you need to finalize your purchase properly. Who Hires a Home Inspector? […]

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How to Avoid Real Estate Mistakes When You Sell

Oct 25 Lana Hawkins 1

Whether this is your first time selling a house or you already have some experience in conducting sales of this scale, the complete process tends to be quite overwhelming. Of course, while there are certain factors you simply can’t affect in any way, there are other things […]

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Real estate professionals that help you buy right

May 27 Isabella Rossellini 1

Home financing and ownership is not that simple for everybody. Getting the best deals requires a lot of skills and understanding of the available options on the market. There are a lot of variable out there and whether you intend to buy a home or just invest […]

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