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How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

April 19, 2017 at 1:28 pm Lana Hawkins 0 Tips & Tricks

If you’re lucky to work from home, you have to make sure to use all the benefits of such commodity. Here are top 7 tips on how to create an ultimate home office that makes you productive, healthy and happy. Take a look!

Let the sunshine in!

A lot of people who have home offices put their desks right against the wall in the corner. This way they’re creating an atmosphere of an office cubicle, and that’s a very unhealthy way to work. It is advisable to move your desk closer to the window, parallel to the panes. Now, you will get all the natural light and a nice view that will make you turn away from the screen at least once in a while, which is great for the eyes.

Don’t try to save some money on your office chair. A good chair is crucial for your back and posture.

But still keep your lamps

Even with all that natural light, you’ll still need good task lighting for darker days and nights. Don’t even try working with overhead lighting on. That type of lighting will turn your office into a yellowish hotel lobby, so better opt for some table lamps with brighter glow.

home office

What about the storage space?

If you always end up with a desk full of papers and files, but hate the way filing cabinets look, there are other options you can try. You can install some wall storage options such as magazine type racks or library-style display shelves. If you opt for a bookcase, choose the one that’s big enough so you don’t have to overstuff it. An artfully arranged bookcase will also serve as a beautiful and professional backdrop during your conference Skype calls. Another thing you can do is use the guestroom closet (if it’s not already taken) and you can unburden some of your office storage space.

home office

Create a comfy corner

A comfort zone is another commodity home office can provide. Reserve your desk for some active work and move to your comfy corner when you want to read or think. Get a comfortable armchair with an ottoman for your feet and a little table for tea and a nice reading lamp. You can add a worm throw and a soft pillow and you’ll end up with a nice little comfortable corner for when you’re taking a break. So, if you have room for such a commodity, definitely go for it.

home office

Consider ergonomics when choosing furniture

Because you’ll most likely spend a lot of time seated at the computer, you have to think about your health. Make sure the top of your computer screen is at an eye level to reduce eye fatigue, and place your keyboard so you can type with forearms parallel to the floor. You can adjust your chair heights so your feet can rest flat on the floor. Get a footrest if you can’t adjust your chair enough. Don’t try to save some money on your office chair. A good chair is crucial for your back and posture, so trust people who say that an ergonomically-correct chair will be worth every cent. Also, you should consider buying adjustable desks for your home office, so you can use your computer while standing and thus reduce the possibility of future heart problems caused by prolonged sitting.

home office

Add office plants to your home office

It has been scientifically proven that plants in the office make workers happier, healthier and more productive, so bring in some nature to your home office. Most of those office plants don’t need extensive care, so you can leave them be during the weekends.

An artfully arranged bookcase will also serve as a beautiful and professional backdrop during your conference Skype calls.

Decorate for inspiration

You can decorate your desk, shelves and walls with photos, art and little trinkets that will motivate you to work and be creative. Maybe a photo of your dream travel destination, some proof of past success or a photo of your kids will motivate you to work harder and remind you it’s all worth it.

home office

For best productivity, inspiration and focus, you need to replace your dining table and that old chair with a proper office. If you follow these tips, you will end up with an office fit for a CEO, and you will not break the bank.

Lana Hawkins

Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and a crafty girl from Sydney. She enjoys writing about home decor and she does it regularly for Smooth Decorator. Also, Lana loves cooking for her family and friends, and spending time in nature.

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