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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

How to renovate a house without safety concerns

Dec 25 Julia E. Miller 1

Making improvements to your property is an excellent way to increase its value or prepare it for sale, and the modern popularity of do-it-yourself projects is hard to deny. In this day and age, it is much easier for the average homeowners to gain the knowledge they […]

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6 Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before You Sell

Dec 23 Hannah Thomas 0

Some home sellers are against having a home inspection before they put the house up for sale. The reason is quite understandable – if any issues arise, the seller has to disclose them to a potential buyer. This is why some real estate agents advise sellers not […]

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Quick DIY Home Improvement Projects for the Weekend

Dec 20 Diana Smith 1

Most people wait for good weather to begin their home improvement projects, but some do not have the luxury of time. If the workload becomes overwhelming and your family requires undivided attention, you will have to work with small time windows spread across several months to keep […]

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6 Hot Interior Design Trends That Are Coming in 2018

Dec 11 Lana Hawkins 0

For those keeping up with interior design trends, 2018 will bring a world of inspiration. From classic and already familiar looks, with new twists, to trends that will completely transform your space, there’s plenty to look forward to when it comes to next year’s interior design. 1. […]

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Moving You and Your Dog Into a New Home

Dec 8 Jim Vogel 0

When you’re ready to buy a home, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration, especially if you have a four-legged best friend that’s coming along. Dogs each have their own personalities and needs, and should be taken into consideration with the purchase of […]

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Portraits of a building: how to snap the best photo

Dec 3 Julia E. Miller 0

Photographing architecture is not as simple as it seems. One must pay close attention to symmetry, perspective, and lighting before pushing the button. And not be afraid to emphasize details. Does the building have a particular architectural style? Capture it, but not in a classic, greeting card […]

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Cyber Bathrooms: 5 New Technologies to Blow your Mind

Nov 10 Diana Smith 1

Technology has improved every aspect of our lives, making day-to-day tasks easier and houses more comfortable. But not every room gets equal chances in this contemporary race for edgy design. Take the bathroom, for example. This space is often times forgotten, kitchen taking precedence when it comes […]

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A Simple Guide to an Efficient Household Move

Nov 8 Lana Hawkins 0

Moving away can be a stressful and tiring process if you don’t have a plan. Instead of feeling excited about this new chapter in your life, you’ll get anxious, exhausted, and stressed out because you don’t know which way to turn. Therefore, it’s important that you create […]

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Personal Branding Tips for Professional Photographers

Nov 6 Sean Lockwood 0

Personal branding is not just some fad trend that is all the rage right now. It will be the name of the game in the online world in the foreseeable future. In a way, we are all brands once we establish an internet presence, but not everyone […]

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Old Homes – from Affordable Ventures to Money Guzzlers

Oct 31 Diana Smith 0

If you’re okay with what it looks like (some people actually prefer rustic places), buying an old house might turn out to be an excellent financial move. However, the problems with old homes aren’t in their aesthetics, but their age. Doing the market research as to the […]

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