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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

Renting vs buying a home. Which one does it suit you?

Nov 6 Lisa Ross 5

You want to move, this is the only thing you desire and you know for sure. But now here comes the problematic part, whether to rent or to buy a place? If you have the money in your pocket for both scenarios you have to balance things […]

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What should you know before buying a house?

Nov 5 Lisa Ross 0

You might think you are ready to buy a house, but have you really taken the best decision? Homeownership is not as simple as it appears, it implies both responsibilities and benefits too. Thus, in some cases, both renting and buying can be seen as fine choices. […]

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Restaurant & bar virtual tours, the most effective marketing tools!

Nov 4 Lisa Ross 0

Do you want to advertise your restaurant, but you don’t know any useful tools? Do you want to be creative and have a unique way to showcase your place? Or, do you simply want to set your business apart from your direct competition? Then, you should probably […]

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Why do you need to hire a Real estate agent right away?

Oct 31 Lisa Ross 12

Having a good real estate agent by your side is vital; some even state that they are ‘the soul and mind’ of the entire real estate transaction. Needless to say that without a professional you might get yourself into a lot of troubles. So pick wisely your […]

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Design bedroom trends for 2015 that will shock you!

Oct 30 Lisa Ross 2

‘Today’s fashion can be tomorrow’s pain’ – Popular saying Irrespective of the domain, trends change from one day to another! However, in some cases even trends can be predicted, if studied attentively. Stay tuned and find out bedroom style trends that will certainly get your attention. You’ll […]

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Realtor’s red flags. Watch out!

Oct 28 Lisa Ross 5

The real estate market is in a constant change, however, one thing is for sure and will forever remain as a rule of thumb: the relationship client – real estate agent must be open and transparent. Either that you want to sell or to buy a property […]

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Virtual tours for your business, the key to success!

Oct 23 Lisa Ross 0

Show your clients how impressive your company really is with a virtual tour. Make them interact with your business and discover your services in the blink of an eye. You now have the chance to put your business in front of possible customers! So, what are you […]

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Top reasons to have a Hotel Virtual Tour

Oct 22 Lisa Ross 0

Investing in your online business image means increasing your booking rate and therefore boosting your income. There is no substitute for a highly intuitive virtual tour and its beneficial effects can be rapidly felt irrespective of the type of business you own. Do you want to leave […]

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Photos make a huge difference in real estate!

Oct 21 Lisa Ross 5

‘Photography is critical in listing a property; they grab attention and sell your property for top dollars!’ – Warren Buffett In real estate, photos are probably the most efficient marketing tools that Realtors can use to sell a property faster. However, not having the appropriate types of […]

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Why should you buy a house right now?

Oct 15 Lisa Ross 0

Do you think you’re ready to make probably the greatest financial effort from your entire life, to buy yourself a house? Then, you should know that the odds have turned into your favor. Why? Real estate specialists’ reports clearly show that this period is favorable to make […]

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