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Photos make a huge difference in real estate!

October 21, 2014 at 7:12 am Lisa Ross 5 Market Trends

Photography is critical in listing a property; they grab attention and sell your property for top dollars!’ – Warren Buffett

In real estate, photos are probably the most efficient marketing tools that Realtors can use to sell a property faster. However, not having the appropriate types of photos, that is to say professional instead of amateur photos, might just be as inefficient as not using photos at all. Otherwise said, without high-quality images, it’s like the battle has been lost before even starting it. But let’s discover together how important are real estate photos in the selling process of a property.

So, what is the truth behind listing a house with or without professional photos? As we all live in a digital era where everyone is permanently connected to the internet, your house too has to be present and visible online; and the best way, according to real estate specialists is by adequately promoting it with photos that add value and inspire photos


More clicks, more traffic

As recent studies have clearly shown, a viewer is more likely going to choose to visit a property after seeing some professionally-made photos instead of a listing with some poorly made ones. It stands in the human nature to choose curb appeal and eye-catching properties, so better said if the price and the images coincide with the buyer’s desire, then the property is 90% already sold.

Hint: Don’t rely only on your listing’s description; there are more chances a viewer to get interested in images, rather than just plain text.

Photos matter in Real Estate!

Drop-dead gorgeous photos don’t have any other result, but the one you desire – they persuade potential buyers to come and see the property in-person. So get your client’s property in a top shape and plan your shoot in advance. Bear in mind – professional photography always sells!

So, what are the reasons your property should have professional photos too? With what does it actually help you? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • It grabs the attention instantly

Who isn’t impressed by the beauty of some well-taken photos? Who doesn’t agree that first impressions always count? Well, this is exactly what competitive photos do for you. A visually appealing image will always stimulate the imagination of a possible buyer and give him that final boost to purchase the property.

Professional photos can make something ordinary look spectacular and help an interested homebuyer makes his choice and pick your listing. Moreover, such photos can affect how a viewer sees your property too. Either way, the first glimpse someone has on your property must be breathtaking in order for your property to have a chance in front of thousands of other similar properties already on the market.

  • It creates the proper exposure for your listing

Do it right from the beginning and you might get lucky in the end. The correct image adjustments and the right level of brightness and contrast are just some of the apparently little details that, however weigh a lot in the overall impression of the viewer. High-quality images catch the eye of your audience as it makes your property look appealing and attractive at the same time.

The proper lighting and the right angle might just make the difference and put your listing out from the crowd. These kinds of photos can bring to light, exquisite views and wow your viewers on the spot.

  • It saves you money, by bringing customers at your door!

Get online attention on your house and enjoy the full benefits of polished photography. Get your property sold in no time by doing the right marketing!

Professional photography can help you sell your property much faster and at the price you desire. It is a common saying that if you cannot impress a viewer during the first two seconds, then it’s like you have actually lost him. What do you choose: not to invest money in good-quality images and let the property stay a longer period of time on the market? Or, do you want fast results with little effort? It’s only up to you, how you prefer to manage the situation!

  • It exposes the property in an attractive way!

Let your viewers get the impression you want to display and you’ll see it’s worth the investment. Bad lighting or uninspired angles might ruin the impact of a wonderful property. Even though your house is in reality a genuine beauty, viewers cannot see that unless you actually catch it in some awe-inspiring photos. As a result, pick carefully your real estate agent that will take care of your marketing and make sure he is a professional. Don’t try to save money when you shouldn’t!

A house that looks unattractive from images, is most likely not going to sell. Appealing photos, however, will give your house the help it needs. Don’t lower your price, get better photos instead!

 It brings you more businessphotos in real estate

Professional photos mean a faster sale, a faster sale means more time for new listings, which gets you in the end more income. So, it’s safe to say – the photos that accompany a listing will also affect the outcome too. Buyers are hungry for information, so details can actually make the difference. Think outside the box and make your property shine among others. It’s your chance, so use it to the fullest!

From another point of view, the higher the price of the property the more you are advised to use professional photography to advertise it. Finding the right buyer for your property can depend on the strategy you adopt.

  • It takes your business to the next level

Advertising techniques define your brand; the level of professionalism defines your brand; and last but not least the quality of your services defines your brand. Consequently, putting a high price on your know-how can get you to be the best at what you do. In real estate, there is no doubt that photos play a vital role in marketing a property. Photos that meet a high standard of quality draw interest on your property and help you generate the buyer’s enthusiasm!

Put your home on the client’s radar!

Overall, irrespective from which point you interpret the matter, professional photography is important in marketing a property. It’s that secret ingredient you can add to get a successful recipe. Willing to make every effort possible to ensure success, can only lead you to a sale in no time.

If you choose to ignore the importance of photography then you are most likely going to go bankrupt in real estate. Great first impressions will get your house sold, so advertise it in the best feasible shape. There is not a novelty anymore that buyers pay more attention to visually attractive homes, than they give to those with point-and-shoot photos. So, it can be fearlessly said that quality images have a measurable return of investment!

In the house-hunting process, as a realtor you just have to make it as easy as you can for the customer to find your property. But this is not all! When he finds it, he must be mesmerized and therefore the house must remain in his memory over time! These are key factors that influence the result!

Remember there are efficient tools out there that can do a great job with little money, and good photos are just one of these tools. Highlight the property’s best features and make your sale at a higher price. Give reasons to your clients’ to be blown away…

Maximize your property’s value, by listing it with strong visual images!

Lisa Ross

A former head writer for some of the most successful online magazines, Lisa Ross is the official writer of Tour Wizard. Widely regarded as one of the most prolific authors in today’s online world, Lisa came as a surprise for her audience often providing controversial points of view. She is considered one of the preeminent writers on real estate topics, who is also the fount of creativity and innovation for editors worldwide.

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5 comments on “Photos make a huge difference in real estate!”

  1. Don Matthews says:

    I am in 1000% agreement with your article!

    As a professional architectural photographer I cannot tell you the number of times real estate agents have said, “Thanks, but I really don’t need your services because my phone takes good enough photographs for my listings…” or something to that effect.

    If one looks through the real estate MLS magazines with an honest, critical eye the conclusion is inescapable – how unprofessional the photos look! Up front and center frame is the kitchen sink and a bright, gleaming long-necked faucet… what are you selling here – a sink and faucet or trying to develop an emotional attachment to the property??? Or a shot taken with a lens so wide almost everything is horribly distorted and stretched out of whack, making the room look like the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel!

    In my experience, spending on average, $500 for professionally composed and lighted photographs of a $250k property is only 0.2% (two-tenths of one percent) is money well spent and will do all of things you have described in the article – and more!

    I only wish there were more agents who were actually looking at a property with the eye of how to attract more, qualified customers instead of keeping a grip on every penny of their commission. In this case I believe the adage, “Penny wise but pound foolish” fits well. Recent real estate sales studies (2013) support the points you have outlined here.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are agents, so I am not “anti-agent” minded, but I find it difficult to believe one could bill oneself as a professional agent if the photographs say otherwise. Back in the 1950’s a bad looking B&W photograph of a property would have sold because very few photographs of property were being used. Today a listing must have a COLOR photograph or the phones just won’t ring. What worked then – bad photographs – just won’t work 60 years later!! Move into the modern era…

    Based on the lead-in quotation from Warren Buffet, if he were selling homes, you can bet your last penny HE would hire a professional photographer whether he thought his phone took “good enough” photos or not.

    I challenge all real estate agents to adopt a Warren Buffet mindset and hire a professional like myself.

    1. Lisa Ross Lisa Ross says:

      Well, yes, Don. There are agents who work with photographers and agents who don’t… It’s their choice, I’m afraid! But, what can we do, but to emphasize on how important are photos in Real Estate and hope for the best… You’re right with the price of a house for sale and the price you have to pay for a good photo! But, once again, there is a market for everyone out there.
      From another point of view, thank you for your comment and for your feedback! And yes, professionals like you should be appreciated! Have a great day!

  2. Liz Bobeck says:

    Not only are professional photographs needed in a listing, the more you have, the higher you RANK in your own MLS and on Realtor dot com. Then there are the virtual tours or a video that the photographer normally includes that you can add to your listing and also add on Youtube.

    There are so many good reasons why YOU, the Realtor should not be in the photo taking business, so why do it? Outsource what you are not good at doing and make it happen!


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