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Category Archives: Interior Design

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home’s Spare Room

Dec 20 Lana Hawkins 0

Have a home with a spare room? Talking about first world problems. Jokes aside, if you truly have an additional room with no apparent purpose in your home, it would really be a waste to leave it unattended. Of course you could refurbish it into a guest […]

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How To Achieve The Perfect Art Deco Style

Oct 17 Lana Hawkins 0

Art Deco is a style form that influenced fashion, decor and architecture of the 20’s and 30’s, firstly and most prominently in Paris, where it originated, and later on, in the rest of the world. It’s a highly theatrical style, and it was influenced by the leading […]

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Transform your ordinary bathroom into vintage bliss

Sep 30 Diana Smith 0

Even though bathroom is probably the smallest room in one’s home, for a lot of people it is also the most important room where they can relax and unwind after long day and have some time all to themselves. Therefore, bathrooms should be decorated and made up […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Color – the Feng Shui Way

Sep 26 Lana Hawkins 1

Even if it may seem like a totally irrelevant decision, choosing the color for your room is actually very important. If you know the rules and meanings of different ones, you will find it way easier to create yourself the perfect surroundings where you will enjoy yourself. […]

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7 Staircase Design to Consider for Your Renovation

Sep 23 Nick Stillman 0

Staircases are a crucial element of many homes. If you’re looking to renovate, there is a good chance that stairs will be one of the key factors that you will need to decide on, and understanding the fundamentals of staircase design is really useful in helping you […]

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The most common renovation mistakes you should avoid

Sep 9 Diana Smith 0

House renovation is a complicated and time-consuming process that many people think they can handle on their own. Remodelling can potentially add a significant value to the house worth, but only if the job is done appropriately and skillfully. However, if you make a couple of serious […]

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How to easily make your home look more expensive

Sep 6 Diana Smith 1

Regardless if you are planning to put your home on the market and naturally wish to achieve the best price possible or you wish to make a change to your interior design and make your home look more expensive, you probably think that it will take a […]

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Refresh your interior design with unique pieces

Jul 22 Dennis Evans 0

It’s not a secret that you can do wonders for your home if you know how to pick the right fabrics, match the colors and do your own interior design. Just like with everything else these days, trends are changing fast. You should definitely check out some […]

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Cheap home remodeling ideas that pay off

May 26 Lisa Ross 1

Do you plan a home renovation? Are you looking for cheap projects that can uplift the looks of your property? Then, good news: we have prepared for you, 10 home remodeling ideas you could try. And the best part is that they won’t cost you an arm […]

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Home design trends you need to say goodbye to

May 17 Lisa Ross 0

If you’re planning to redecorate your house or upgrade it, then make sure you don’t follow these home design trends. They are old-fashioned and nobody wants them anymore in their homes. Let’s put them aside and have a 2016 stylish home design. Nobody wants to invest in […]

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