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Category Archives: News&Updates

Magic Property Video: Exciting New Feature

Aug 21 Olivia Kosta 0

This video masterpiece is ready for screening. Audiences have looked forward to us coming. Photographers have asked us when they could put the magic name up in electric lights. “Magic Property Video” is a marvelous translation of real estate glory to screen immortality. The perfect adaptation of […]

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Syndication on Social Media and Real Estate Websites

Jan 4 Olivia Kosta 0

We’re starting the New Year with a BIG platform update: syndication on all popular social media networks. This means that every virtual tour you create from now on can be automatically posted on your social media channels and shared with friends and peers in just a few, […]

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Virtual tours with a real address

Nov 7 Julia E. Miller 3

It was a bright day in late October and the clocks were striking twelve. Anxious owls circled the Magic Tower, carrying around tours with no address. To no avail… Wizards were still down in the dungeon, busy with potions and spells, working to find a solution. Then, […]

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Impress your clients with stunning flyers!

Nov 2 Julia E. Miller 1

What better way to leave a lasting impression in a buyer’s memory than handing him a flyer of your property after an open house or promoting it on social media and marketing campaigns? Our wizards have simmered this idea for some time and the result is a […]

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Infuse color into your tours

Aug 9 Julia E. Miller 0

Gone are the days of grays and thunder, when black wizards were roaming the world, brewing green potions and magic dreams with secret ingredients and mystic powder. In with the light and in with color, the change is now for you to handle! We interrupt this program […]

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New features for your virtual tours!

Aug 3 Olivia Kosta 0

Another piece of the puzzle fell through the cracks of the Magic Tower and fitted right in the middle of the Big Picture! It’s time to extend your virtual tours and wow clients by designing brand new custom pages, linking existing ones or even embed external services […]

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Photo editing service for estate photographers

Jul 1 Julia E. Miller 1

Real estate professional photographers using TourWizard platform can now choose to have their images enhanced and processed by a high skilled editing team. TourWizard is dedicated to making real estate business easier to manage for all its registered photographers by offering them a professional photo editing service.

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Estate photographers’ new toolkit for virtual tours

Jun 29 Julia E. Miller 0

Real estate photographers who need to manage unlimited client accounts, stitch and process panoramas or images, create virtual tours, send emails and schedule photo shoots, have now a new solution. TourWizard has developed a platform, just launched into Beta, that will not only help estate photographers market […]

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