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Category Archives: Tips & Tricks

Buy a home: Untold tips to avoid extra expenses!

Aug 24 Lisa Ross 3

As purchasing a home implies a huge financial effort, there is no better time to get some useful tips that can save you precious money. So, let’s find out how to avoid extra expenses by following some essential steps! Make sure you are aware of every little […]

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A real estate investment property, the risks nobody talks about

Aug 18 Lisa Ross 2

If you are too one of those enthusiastic newbie investors, then you certainly need to attentively study the levels of risks that lay ahead of you before writing down the check. But do you really know in what you’re getting yourself into? Let’s discover together some of […]

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How to determine the correct house prices!

Aug 7 Lisa Ross 2

Whether you want to sell your house quickly or not, there are several basic factors you need to consider, essential steps to make and some vital tips to take into account to get you the desired result. Thus, you’ll avoid some of the most common mistakes and […]

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What real estate marketing ideas really work?

Jul 27 Lisa Ross 4

When it comes to finding great real estate marketing ideas there is a lot of research involved. Whether that we talk about a new trend or a better advertising tool for you to use, this entire industry continues to change by the day. And guess what – […]

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Things you’ll get from a top real estate professional!

Jul 10 Lisa Ross 1

As in any other industry, in real estate too, there are top producing specialists and average ones too. Therefore, in order to make sure you have hired a top real estate professional, here are some of the most important aspects you should get! Habits of a successful […]

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Buying a home has never been easier!

Jul 2 Lisa Ross 0

Buying a home in today’s hectic world may either stress or scare buyers. However, this entire experience doesn’t have to be like this for you too! Instead, you can get to enjoy it, if you know the essential steps you need to take. Don’t let the high […]

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House for sale: What type of seller are you?

Jul 1 Lisa Ross 0

Every property is different, every seller is different! If you too have a house for sale, let’s find out together the category you best fit into! Why? If you know what you’re doing wrong, you can make the entire selling process a lot easier for you. Let’s […]

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What real estate agents don’t like…

Jun 23 Lisa Ross 0

Working with real estate agents in an efficient manner means following some common sense rules. Even though buyers are willing to pay for a property and real estate agents can get that property for them, this doesn’t mean it will go on that smoothly! Here are some […]

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Homes for sale: Get the most out of viewings!

Jun 17 Lisa Ross 2

Getting a top price for your property implies getting the most out of your viewings too. So, what should you do to make everything work out smoothly? Here are top tips and tricks that will surely inspire you! Prepare everything without rushing and make sure you understand […]

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Real estate search: Make your viewings worthwhile!

Jun 12 Lisa Ross 2

Once you have established a financial plan and decided upon your priorities, it’s time to start your real estate search! But, keep in mind – don’t take the risks of getting a home with tons of unanswered questions, use your time while visiting a property efficiently! How? […]

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