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Category Archives: Tips & Tricks

How to make sure you sell your house this spring?

Mar 3 Lisa Ross 4

So, spring is here and you haven’t sold your house yet. Don’t worry, now you can be positive the perfect moment has arrived! But, what should you do to make sure you’ll get to find your buyer one of these days? Here are some tips and tricks […]

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Renting guide: Tips for getting the best deal!

Feb 19 Lisa Ross 2

Finding the perfect place to rent may be a challenging task, as no one wants to move from one place to another endlessly. What is more? The rental market appears to heat up as more and more people choose renting instead of buying a place of their own. […]

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How to pick the best moment to sell your home

Feb 12 Lisa Ross 5

Deciding when it is the best moment to sell your home is crucial and can influence the end result! But, how do you find out when it is actually the perfect moment to sell your home? Well, if you pay attention to several factors, then for sure you’ll […]

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Essential moving tips that everyone should know!

Feb 11 Lisa Ross 4

Changing homes is extremely stressful, especially because you have to pack and then carry all your belongings from one place to another… It may not be the best fun you’ve ever had, but at least you can make it memorable! For this to happen, you surely need […]

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What do clients look for in a real estate agent?

Feb 5 Lisa Ross 10

Dreams come true with an experienced real estate agent by your side! Being a real estate agent is without a doubt a demanding job, but what about being a successful real estate agent?How much effort does it require? The answer – a lot! Even though, this seems […]

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Top 15 mistakes made by real estate investors!

Jan 29 Lisa Ross 4

Getting a fair deal by investing in real estate is certainly not as easy as it might seem at a first glance! Apart from the fact that it is a time consuming and a stressful activity, selling and buying properties involves a lot of risks as well. […]

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Top 10 real estate photography tips!

Jan 27 Lisa Ross 16

Whether you want to start your own photography business in real estate, or that you are a real estate agent wanting to improve the photo quality of your listing properties, then you are in the right place – this article will elucidate some of the secrets of […]

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Tips for making a good first impression in Real Estate!

Jan 22 Lisa Ross 16

There is a common knowledge that you can never change the first impression you make. Therefore, as a real estate agent it is crucial to know what you should be careful about and when you should make yourself remarked; and the first meeting with a potential customer […]

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Home updates that will boost the resale value

Jan 15 Lisa Ross 11

There is a general knowledge that home updates can increase your property’s sale price, and it is no wonder why. In order to keep up with today’s hectic rhythm and with the similar properties that are available on the market, there is always place for such investments. […]

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Should you buy a house during the holiday season?

Dec 15 Lisa Ross 6

There is a common knowledge that the best period of the year to sell or to buy a house is during spring or summer, however winter has also its own advantages that at the end appear to weigh a lot more in comparison to its drawbacks! But, […]

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