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Category Archives: Top Real Estate

Virtual tours: the right way to view houses amid COVID-19

Apr 14 Julia E. Miller 1

In these trying times, when the real estate industry is at a standstill, professionals all over the world are shifting their focus on digital tools and virtual tours. A recent study published by Zillow, for example, shows that the number of created tours in the last week […]

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5 Projects That Will Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

Apr 10 Emma Williams 1

Not every improvement is a good idea if you plan to sell your house. Often, home sellers panic after they hear the initial listing price of their home, and venture into frantic updates that will further lower the total value of their property. From the wrong color […]

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Moving in Spring: 5 Tips to Save You from Stressing Out

Apr 3 Rachel Jones 0

Spring: The season of change, rebirth, and renewal. It’s not blazing hot, but warmer than the frostbitten chill of winter. This is the time of the year when the air feels clean, crisp, and breezy. Perhaps that is why spring is the second most popular moving season […]

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6 Popular Types of Rental Properties

Mar 31 Chloe Taylor 0

Do you plan to rent a property? Then, you need to consider multiple factors, such as location, lifestyle and your available budget. Once you start your search, you might get surprised by the large variety of different rental properties available. You should take time with your decision […]

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Essential Skills That Make a Real Estate Agent Successful

Mar 13 Diana Smith 0

Although many people believe selling real estate is a job anyone can do, this field requires a unique set of skills. However, most successful agents in the industry share similar qualities and characteristics that helped them get to the top. Here are some of the essential skills […]

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5 Things to Know When Buying Your First Rental Property

Mar 11 Patrick Adams 0

Having your name on an ownership contract is a big deal, a real sign you are a grown-up. It comes with various benefits, but responsibilities as well. Real estate is a long term investment, and more and more people are opting for the option of renting their […]

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The ROI of Installing a New Roof Before Selling Your Home

Mar 4 Matt Lee 0

When you’re looking to sell your home, the big thing on your mind is property value. Before you take on a bunch of home improvement projects, it’s essential to examine which projects are worth the investment, and which are just a waste of time. This is especially […]

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Security Guide: How to Feel Safe in Your New Home

Feb 27 Derek Lotts 0

Even though household burglaries are in decline, you can never be too safe, especially when you just spent all your money on a new home. If you still don’t feel 100% safe in your new house, there are practical things you can do to boost security and […]

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Home Improvements You Better Leave to Professionals

Feb 18 Ron Wolf 0

Tinkering, DIYing, and repairing things around the house can save you a ton of money. And while we keep discovering all the things that we can do ourselves, there are still some that should be left to professionals. It’s okay admitting that you aren’t skilled enough to […]

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How to Get More Real Estate Leads in 2020: 7 Amazing Tricks

Jan 20 Chloe Taylor 0

Whether you’re a solo player in the real estate world, or you run an entire agency under your wing, the upcoming months can make or break your business depending on the strategic steps you take to bring more clients to your door. With the growing need for […]

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