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Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate Photography

November 25, 2014 at 7:16 am Lisa Ross 5 Tips & Tricks

When taking real estate photos there is a list of things you must not forget to put into practice and some that you must avoid at all costs. Do you know them all? Do you want to find out some secrets that can ease up your work? Read this article and find out what are the most common blunders and how you can avoid them, either that you are an owner or a photographer. How many of these ones did you know?

You’re ready to go, you have your camera prepared and you know your schedule for today – take some outstanding listing photos for your clients. But, what should you do next? How can you draw attention to the house?

According to recent studies, the real estate photography is the triggering point for many online buyers, taking into account that the majority search the internet before going to a certain address. Moreover, some even say that after the selling price of the property, the quality of the photos is what matters the most for enthusiast buyers.

The benefits of good photos

What is essential in real estate photography? A good exposure of the property that emphasizes its best features! The higher the quality of the photos, the greater the chances the house will sell quickly and more easily.

But, what are the main advantages of having good quality photos:the importance of real estate photography

  • The property gets more views

If you are looking for a method to get attention easier, then the best one is to use professional photos. Thus, the probability that people will take a look at that particular house instead of another enhances with more than 45%.

  • The property receives more offers

Houses that grab attention and that impress their viewers are more likely going to receive more offers. And here when we talk about offers, we talk about substantial offers, so this is what you probably want. The key point is to make buyers notice the property, after that, the photos will do the hard work for you. As one may say – they speak for themselves, they are like a 24/24 h active seller.

  • The property stays on the market less

The realty photos are the details that will convince possible buyers to come and visit the house in person, so it is needless to talk about how important they really are. As the number of the listings available on today’s market is increasing from one day to another, you certainly need that wow factor to persuade your audience. Professional photos will do that for you! Consequently, if the number of the buyers who are interested in the house increase, then be sure it will all lead to higher chances of actually selling it.

  • All in all, photos increase the chances of closing the deal

Making a good first time impression is a must! Your house must be presentable and highly appealing to a buyer to come and visit it. So, understanding the importance of photography in real estate is a first step, then comes the challenge to select the right photos for the right buyers. Think about it – the photos will be the first things a buyer will want to see, as the property will fight against other hundreds of similar properties.

Here is what you should do!

Listing photos Do’s and Don’ts

So, let us take it all step by step and discover some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate Photography. Either that you are a homeowner, a real estate agent or a photographer your goal is to have good-looking photos and curb appeal in the end. Here is what you need to do or what you should advise your clients to do before the photographer gets to the setting! I bet you didn’t know them all…

What the owner or the photographer must do!

  • Owner: Arrange every room!

Every room deserves your attention, therefore the first thing you need to do before receiving a professional photographer is to make sure your house looks appealing. Stage every room, make it look clean and fresh. Hide the clothes, bring in a bowl of fresh food and some flowers. With a little bit of attention to details the property will look amazing!

  • Photographer: Emphasize on the property’s best features

Every property, irrespective of how cheap it is or not, has its strong points. Therefore, one of the most important things you need to focus on is exactly its selling points. Get them in front of buyers and show them off!

  • Owner: Make it look homey

You need to make prospecting buyers say in a matter of seconds – ‘This is where I want to live. I like what I see!’ If you manage to accomplish this – then you’ve certainly attained your goal. Why? It is a common knowledge that viewers make their decision in the first 5 seconds when they see a property. If the property’s photos are not appealing enough, then be sure that the buyer will never come back. He/she must be convinced about the potential of the property before closing the photos.

  • Owner: Create a welcoming ambiance

From another point of view, you need to focus on the entrance and on the first things a buyer will see when he/she will arrive at the property. In other words, if you create the impression of an inviting entrance, if you let your door open for instance and have a photo capturing this, then you’ll convey that welcoming message every buyer is looking for. Try it and see if it goes for you.   do's in real estate photography

  • Photographer: Make the view stand out

If you have a breathtaking view, then don’t lose your chance and show it off. Get those exact details that matter in front of your audience. You need to know how to sell the property. Make the viewers, picture themselves living there!

  • Owner: Give the impression of open space

If you need, be aware that you might have to rearrange the furniture so that it’ll look amazing in the pictures. Listen to your photographer’s advice. If something doesn’t seem to be in the right place, then move it or take it all out. For instance, if you have a backdrop, let it be seen in the photos. For sure, it will impress buyers.

  • Owner: Pay attention to the finishing touches

These details will be the exact details that will persuade the buyer to actually come and see how amazing the property really is. Add extra details to make it look even more appealing and get it all exposed in the photos.

Real estate photography is an art!

Tips and tricks!

  • Don’t overlook the season

The season in which you are putting your listing on the market is important and should guide the way you take your photos. Use it in your own favor and adapt the photos! For instance, if you are taking the photos during the summer time, then you might focus on the outdoor area, the swimming pool for instance. If it’s winter time, then a good advice would be to emphasize the fireplace’s unique ambiance. Make the house look cozy and warm in the photos!

  • Don’t publish a photo where you appear in the mirror

This is unprofessional. You mustn’t appear in the photos at any costs. You need to make viewers see themselves in the mirrors not you, or your camera. This is one of those ‘no-no’ basic rules!

  • Don’t take photos of a messy room

Try to adjust the angles of the photos in order to hide the mess as much as you can. You wouldn’t want to show scattered socks or garbage. If you’re the owner then make sure you clean up the place before the photo-shoot…

  • Don’t include pets

Avoid pets to appear in the images you take. The pet is not for sale along with the house so let the owner know this before you arrive. The pet should not be at home when you take the listing photos!

  • Don’t show the property’s imperfections

Now it’s the perfect moment to show the property’s best features not blunders. So, try to avoid architectural imperfections or errors as much as possible.

  • Don’t use a fisheye lens

Some specialists state that ‘Even though your initial intention is a good one, it will ruin everything in the end if you use this type of lens’. The place won’t look as open as you wish, on the contrary, it will just look smaller and awkward too. The rule of the thumb – the traditional lens are better! Stick to what you know for sure that will work.real estate photography

  • Don’t take a poorly lit photo

When it comes to the interior light, you need sufficient light for the photos to look clear and tempting. Use as many sources of light as you have, but still make it look natural. Use both natural light, but as well lamps or other sources of light make it ‘sparkle’.

  • Don’t ignore the angles

The angle of the photos must be perfect. You shouldn’t give the impression of imperfection in any way! Make sure the shot is level.

  • Don’t omit chambers

Take a photo of every room, don’t skip any of them or a possible buyer might think you are trying to mislead him/her, or that you are trying to hide something. Be as transparent as possible!

All in all, the listing photos of the property should be a tool that facilitates the entire transaction. Expose the best features of the house in the photos and make it grab the attention of the viewers.

You need to sell this experience, and the best way for you to achieve this, as an owner, is by hiring a team of professionals: a skilled photographer and an efficient Realtor! You need experts by your side, this is a fact!

Lisa Ross

A former head writer for some of the most successful online magazines, Lisa Ross is the official writer of Tour Wizard. Widely regarded as one of the most prolific authors in today’s online world, Lisa came as a surprise for her audience often providing controversial points of view. She is considered one of the preeminent writers on real estate topics, who is also the fount of creativity and innovation for editors worldwide.

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5 comments on “Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate Photography”

  1. Carlos Diaz says:

    Remember a good tripod.

  2. Tim says:

    You make some good points, especially about making the house look spacious. I shoot real estate photography for listing agents and have several clients who have called me in, usually for the first time, after they’ve tried taking their own photos with their cell phone. One of my pet peeves is when agents take pictures of objects in the room instead of the room. That’s a direct result of using a phone or cheap camera to do the work of professional grade equipment.

    A new problem I’ve run into is one agent likes to have all his photos “more vibrant”, which I can understand. But what he actually wants is his photos overly saturated. After I give him the natural image, he puts them into a program on his cell phone which makes them all look fake. They look horrible, but he insists this is what his buyers want, even though many of them have commented otherwise. But, if that’s what he wants, that’s what I’ll do, I just don’t want my name associated with them.

    1. Lisa Ross Lisa Ross says:

      Thanks, Tim. I understand your problem completely and unfortunately I believe many run into it; it is a common one. I agree: ‘if that’s what he wants, that’s what I’ll do’. Have a great day!

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