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Infuse color into your tours

August 9, 2016 at 1:48 pm Julia E. Miller 0 News&Updates

Gone are the days of grays and thunder, when black wizards were roaming the world, brewing green potions and magic dreams with secret ingredients and mystic powder. In with the light and in with color, the change is now for you to handle!

We interrupt this program to bring you our latest virtual tour news…

If you were wondering what all the above has to do with virtual tours and real estate, rest assured: we’re here to shed some light. All our wizards and their disciples worked hard to bring a brand new feature to your dashboard and dynamize all virtual tours with the use of color, breaking patterns and changing perceptions. Things have really been buzzing with activity!

Professional look for your listings

You can now change the background of all your tours, select a shading and customize the text to best suit your color needs from one single place. Log into your account, choose the new and powerful Settings menu from the left panel and proceed to edit your default color theme. Our intuitive theme creator will guide your every step while you can mix and match shades to perfectly represent you. At the end of this creative process, all your virtual tours will wear the same colors, giving your listings a professional, unitary feel.

What do you think about our new feature? Give us your feedback and please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions at

Thank you for your attention! Back to the Magic Tower…

Julia E. Miller

Julia is passionate about bringing big ideas to life and crafting storylines that connect people on a profound level. She has a strong conceptual and strategic thinking, integrating different disciplines across real estate photography, advertising, technology and experiential marketing. In the last seven years, she worked full-time and freelance for a variety of award-winning weekly and monthly publications.

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