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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

6 Popular Types of Rental Properties

Mar 31 Chloe Taylor 0

Do you plan to rent a property? Then, you need to consider multiple factors, such as location, lifestyle and your available budget. Once you start your search, you might get surprised by the large variety of different rental properties available. You should take time with your decision […]

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What Happens to the Real Estate in Divorce Proceedings?

Mar 27 Emma Williams 0

Divorces are usually very stressful, and few of them end without a dispute over significant assets. In most marriages, real estate is the largest shared property, which can be the marital home or an investment asset. Couples going through a divorce often have the same question: What […]

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5 Tips to Update, Refresh & Modernize Your Home

Mar 25 Patrick Adams 0

No matter how much time, effort, and money you might have invested in your house, you need to constantly update your home’s décor. Sometime it might require a more technologically advanced solution to be installed, like an intercom, while in other instances you simply need to replace the […]

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Decorating Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Premium

Mar 17 Smith Willas 1

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Updating your kitchen could take a lot of effort and can be extremely costly. This is so because your kitchen has several appliances, cabinetry hardware and outdated light fixtures that need to be worked on. […]

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Essential Skills That Make a Real Estate Agent Successful

Mar 13 Diana Smith 0

Although many people believe selling real estate is a job anyone can do, this field requires a unique set of skills. However, most successful agents in the industry share similar qualities and characteristics that helped them get to the top. Here are some of the essential skills […]

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5 Things to Know When Buying Your First Rental Property

Mar 11 Patrick Adams 0

Having your name on an ownership contract is a big deal, a real sign you are a grown-up. It comes with various benefits, but responsibilities as well. Real estate is a long term investment, and more and more people are opting for the option of renting their […]

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10 Signs Your Home Has Good Resale Value

Mar 9 Rachel Jones 0

It is the dream of every homeowner to make a windfall after selling their home. Of course, being the biggest lifetime financial investment in most people’s books, it is understandable why someone would want to make the most out of a home resale. The good thing these […]

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The ROI of Installing a New Roof Before Selling Your Home

Mar 4 Matt Lee 0

When you’re looking to sell your home, the big thing on your mind is property value. Before you take on a bunch of home improvement projects, it’s essential to examine which projects are worth the investment, and which are just a waste of time. This is especially […]

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Security Guide: How to Feel Safe in Your New Home

Feb 27 Derek Lotts 0

Even though household burglaries are in decline, you can never be too safe, especially when you just spent all your money on a new home. If you still don’t feel 100% safe in your new house, there are practical things you can do to boost security and […]

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Will backyard features boost your house sale value?

Feb 27 Ron Wolf 0

Experienced real estate agents are well aware that home buyers know if a specific house is their future home or not long before they step inside. In other words, sellers can spend a considerable amount of money on the interior and stylish furniture. However, they will still […]

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