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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

What every estate agent must know…

Dec 2 Lisa Ross 0

How can you have a lasting career in real estate? What are the secrets? Well, even though it might seem a daunting task, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of this job! So, let’s find out together the […]

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House buying tips: Furnished vs Unfurnished Property

Nov 24 Lisa Ross 0

There is no doubt that buying a house is a huge financial and emotional step. Thus, when it comes to making the call, you are most probably going to face the question – whether to buy a furnished or unfurnished property! So, in order to maximize the […]

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Good reasons to use a professional Virtual Tour Software! 

Nov 16 Lisa Ross 3

Thriving in the real estate business means surviving in a highly competitive arena. What does this imply? You have to keep up with technology trends and adapt your marketing efforts to what really brings real results! Otherwise said, using a Virtual Tour Software to advertise your listings […]

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Tour Wizard Self-Service Virtual Tour Platform is LIVE!

Nov 12 Lisa Ross 0

Have you heard the latest news? Tour Wizard is now LIVE and committed to bringing you quality and revolutionary virtual tour products! Do you want to have a user-friendly software to better market your listings and make a lasting impression? Do you want to increase your business […]

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How to be one of the best estate agents!

Oct 8 Lisa Ross 5

As a real estate newbie, you have certainly asked yourself at least once – ‘How can I become one of the best estate agents out there?’ Well, the answer is simple – becoming a top agent is no rocket science, but is not a snap either! To […]

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Simple ways to drive traffic to your real estate listings!

Oct 1 Lisa Ross 8

You have amazing listings, but few people get to see them? Would you like to increase the number of your leads, but you feel like you’re doing something wrong? Check out these essential tips and tricks to get your real estate listings to the top! Never worry […]

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Save money with these smart remodeling tips!

Sep 24 Lisa Ross 0

Irrespective of the reason you got to the conclusion that refreshing your home is a must, you have to take into account several aspects before starting to invest money into it. Either because you want to sell your property for more, or because you simply think ‘home’ […]

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Why successful real estate investors know when to stop!

Sep 18 Lisa Ross 0

Becoming a successful real estate investor is a long and patient road that requires the right decisions to be made at the right time. It takes to be highly adaptable and intuitive to be able to thrive in this competitive arena. But what does it take to […]

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5 efficient tips to become a real estate agent!

Sep 2 Lisa Ross 8

Thinking about a safe way to become a real estate agent with little stress? Arm yourself with patience as it implies a lot of risks and sacrifices to succeed. To make sure you know exactly in what you’re getting yourself into, check out these things every rookie real […]

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Buy a home: Untold tips to avoid extra expenses!

Aug 24 Lisa Ross 3

As purchasing a home implies a huge financial effort, there is no better time to get some useful tips that can save you precious money. So, let’s find out how to avoid extra expenses by following some essential steps! Make sure you are aware of every little […]

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