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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

Real estate: What turns buyers off?

Mar 31 Lisa Ross 6

Selling a property fast and without too many problems involves certain steps you need to take, particular rules to respect and several critical mistakes to avoid. In other words, no matter how much you think the value of your property is, it will only receive the price […]

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10 Strong reasons to have a home inspection before buying

Mar 25 Lisa Ross 7

Do you want to buy a property and you are not 100% sure it is what it appears to be? Then, don’t lose more precious time and have a home inspection to give you official reports about it, before you put your money at risk. Now it’s […]

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How to be a successful real estate agent!

Mar 24 Lisa Ross 6

Being a player in the real estate industry requires, among other things – passion, dedication and a lot of hard work. However, this is not all that you must know in order to be successful in real estate. Are you aware of the most important 10 rules […]

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Property search: What type of home suits your needs?

Mar 18 Lisa Ross 1

Are you in search of a new property and you don’t actually know which type is the best match for you? Are you confused and you cannot decide what to purchase? Well, don’t panic, your headaches are history… Let’s study together the topic and you shall discover […]

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Virtual tour benefits for Home Sellers and Realtors!

Mar 17 Lisa Ross 4

Are you concerned about how to better market your property? Does it actually get an efficient marketing campaign? Or do you wonder why certain homes get more views while others stay months in a row with no serious offers? Well, the answer has a lot to do […]

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Photography tips that actually sell your home! What’s new?

Mar 12 Lisa Ross 6

‘Skill in real estate is acquired by practice and not by purchase!’ (Popular saying) Real estate photography is more than just point-and-shoot, it’s an art you have to master in order to provide quality photos. As some say, knowing ‘how-to’ is a real skill you just have […]

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When should you hire a real estate agent?

Mar 10 Lisa Ross 10

‘If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur.’ -Red Adair Even with today’s variety of online sources of information, the experience of a real estate agent cannot be replaced. Conducting research online is indeed the first step, however the safest way […]

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House tour mistakes to avoid!

Mar 4 Lisa Ross 6

The way you showcase your property to the world is probably one of the decisive factors that will influence the buyer to make his/her choice. In other words, if you or your agent fail to have an astonishing home presentation, then your chances will diminish drastically. This […]

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How to make sure you sell your house this spring?

Mar 3 Lisa Ross 4

So, spring is here and you haven’t sold your house yet. Don’t worry, now you can be positive the perfect moment has arrived! But, what should you do to make sure you’ll get to find your buyer one of these days? Here are some tips and tricks […]

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15 proven ways to build trust in real estate!

Feb 25 Lisa Ross 11

In a competitive world, as a real estate agent you need to be sure you have satisfied clients at the end of the transaction and that you gain their trust and confidence from the early start! It’s not enough to deliver the expected result, the way you […]

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