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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

A real estate investment property, the risks nobody talks about

Aug 18 Lisa Ross 2

If you are too one of those enthusiastic newbie investors, then you certainly need to attentively study the levels of risks that lay ahead of you before writing down the check. But do you really know in what you’re getting yourself into? Let’s discover together some of […]

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What successful Realtors never do!

Aug 11 Lisa Ross 8

Irrespective of the type of industry we’re talking about there are always secrets that can lead you to success, and real estate is no exception to the rule. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is probably just one of the essential rules of succeeding in today’s hectic […]

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How to determine the correct house prices!

Aug 7 Lisa Ross 2

Whether you want to sell your house quickly or not, there are several basic factors you need to consider, essential steps to make and some vital tips to take into account to get you the desired result. Thus, you’ll avoid some of the most common mistakes and […]

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5 first-time home buyer mistakes you should not ignore!

Aug 6 Lisa Ross 1

Are you concerned with the entire process of buying a home? Are you a first-time home buyer? Then, take a deep breath and relax, you’re not alone! Buying a property is indeed an exciting and challenging stage in anyone’s life, however in order to make sure you’re […]

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How to buy a home without making any mistakes!

Aug 3 Lisa Ross 0

Buying a property is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, therefore if you still wonder how to buy a home without making any useless mistakes, you should immediately think about not purchasing if you don’t get a home inspection report. The reason? To […]

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Home buying tips to make your life easier!

Jul 31 Lisa Ross 3

What is home buying after all? Some would say – an attempt to find a place you can call ‘home’! But what about you? What do you think? In order to make sure you’ll find the right place that can fit your lifestyle, here are some top […]

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Top 5 legitimate home buying fears!

Jul 29 Lisa Ross 1

Having home buying fears is part of the natural process of purchasing a house and it is understandable why even the most experienced buyers have them too, after all, it’s an important financial effort. So, prior to anything else, you need to understand what you’re getting yourself […]

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The worst mistakes when selling a house

Jul 28 Lisa Ross 0

Selling a house in today’s overcrowded market is not only about putting a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard and waiting for the right buyer to make you a top offer. You can be positive that there is more than that! We all know that when […]

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What real estate marketing ideas really work?

Jul 27 Lisa Ross 4

When it comes to finding great real estate marketing ideas there is a lot of research involved. Whether that we talk about a new trend or a better advertising tool for you to use, this entire industry continues to change by the day. And guess what – […]

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Things you’ll get from a top real estate professional!

Jul 10 Lisa Ross 1

As in any other industry, in real estate too, there are top producing specialists and average ones too. Therefore, in order to make sure you have hired a top real estate professional, here are some of the most important aspects you should get! Habits of a successful […]

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