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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

Questions owners avoid during home sales!

Jun 29 Lisa Ross 3

As a buyer, you should never depend on the information that you might get from the owner of the house; however, every provided detail should be attentively studied! Even though buyers rarely have the occasion to speak directly to the owner, if you happen to have the […]

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FSBO, right or wrong?

Jun 26 Lisa Ross 0

Some buyers believe that selling a property is a piece of cake. Well, unfortunately, this cannot be further from the truth! Here are some of the most important aspects you should balance before taking the decision to list your house FSBO! There is no point in trying […]

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Steps to buying a house in a seller’s market!

Jun 25 Lisa Ross 1

In a seller’s market, even buying a house can turn out to be more difficult than you can anticipate. As there are more buyers than properties available, homes go fast. So, if you don’t act efficiently, be open-minded and work with the right professional, you are most […]

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How to sell your house in a buyer’s market

Jun 24 Lisa Ross 4

What is a buyers’ market? How to sell your house faster, even in these conditions? There is always a way… A buyers’ market is that market in which the number of houses available online exceeds the number of prospective buyers! Usually, buyers are pickier than ever and […]

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What real estate agents don’t like…

Jun 23 Lisa Ross 0

Working with real estate agents in an efficient manner means following some common sense rules. Even though buyers are willing to pay for a property and real estate agents can get that property for them, this doesn’t mean it will go on that smoothly! Here are some […]

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Factors that will influence your property value!

Jun 22 Lisa Ross 1

Whether you want to sell your property or you’re just researching the topic for future plans, you need to be aware of the factors that determine your property value! Find out what raises and what lowers it, to know if you can do something to increase your […]

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Myths about home inspections!

Jun 19 Lisa Ross 0

Home inspections are an important step in any house purchase! But how popular is this really? Do we know what is supposed to happen and how it works? Well, unfortunately, myths keep on being passed around and also keep on perpetuating within this industry! So, let’s research […]

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Incredible myths about real estate agents!

Jun 18 Lisa Ross 0

When it comes to working with real estate agents it is essential to make a clear distinction between fact and fiction from the early start. With this in mind, more and more agents wonder why do myths seem to spread by the day? And the reason is […]

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Homes for sale: Get the most out of viewings!

Jun 17 Lisa Ross 2

Getting a top price for your property implies getting the most out of your viewings too. So, what should you do to make everything work out smoothly? Here are top tips and tricks that will surely inspire you! Prepare everything without rushing and make sure you understand […]

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Home search: Must-ask questions!

Jun 16 Lisa Ross 1

Thinking of buying a property? Then you should make sure you have the answers to whatever questions you may have. But what are you supposed to ask? Stay tuned as we’ll reveal a set of essential questions that can help you decide if this is the right […]

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