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The Hottest Topics in Real Estate

How to invest money in real estate

May 19 Lisa Ross 3

Real estate investing is more than just a business, it is an activity that can steal away precious money and time too. You need to be a little savvy to get to achieve success in this competitive arena, that’s for sure! Investing money is not an easy […]

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Renovate your house! Dos and Don’ts!

May 18 Lisa Ross 4

Planning to renovate your property? Either for personal use or because you plan to sell the property later on, you have to pick carefully what upgrades you should or shouldn’t do. The idea of renovating a property may be overwhelming, however, it can certainly pay off in […]

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Real estate for sale – Tips for Owners!

May 15 Lisa Ross 2

Do you have a real estate for sale, but you don’t know what are the latest marketing trends? What does it really work in today’s market? Any must-use marketing tools? Find your complete answers here; search no more. Top tips and tricks you could definitely use to […]

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Understanding the real estate market!

May 14 Lisa Ross 0

With the numerous sources of information available online, more and more people wonder if they really need to use the services of a real estate agent or not. But is it that easy? Not really! In order to make the right decision you have to consider several […]

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Property for sale – tips for Realtors!

May 13 Lisa Ross 4

It’s not a novelty anymore that the real estate market is constantly changing, and the requests of today’s buyers don’t match with those of yesterday! The competition is fierce and the only way to sell faster and for top dollars is by adapting to current trends and […]

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How to become a real estate agent, the essentials!

May 12 Lisa Ross 1

If there were many the times when you asked yourself about the shortest route to become a real estate agent, then you have to read this article to get a closer insight into the matter. As you can already guess, there is more than just presenting homes […]

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Real estate agent job description, what do you need to know?

May 11 Lisa Ross 0

So, you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, but you don’t exactly know what you’ll have to do and what your main requirements for this job will be; or, on the contrary, you’re already in this industry but you need some extra tips to get […]

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House Tour: 5 incredible things you should know

May 8 Lisa Ross 3

There is no doubt left about the importance of virtual tours for marketing a property nowadays. But, how many things do you actually know about this amazing tool? Here’s something that will certainly make your day! It’s time for you to make a difference with a virtual house […]

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Move or remodel: Critical considerations!

May 7 Lisa Ross 4

There are plenty of reasons that can make you wonder: Should I go or should I stay? Either because you have a new family member, children who turn teens or simply because you feel that your home doesn’t match your lifestyle anymore, you have to take a […]

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Why do you need a professional photographer too!

May 6 Lisa Ross 0

How important is professional photography in real estate? What is the difference between a professional photographer and a novice? Does this have an impact on the overall transaction? Either you’re a Realtor, a homeowner or a home builder a fact is certain – you need high quality […]

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