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Real Estate Photography: 6 Hidden Tips & Tricks

January 15, 2020 at 12:49 pm Julia E. Miller 0 Real estate photography, Tips & Tricks

When taking real estate photos, there’s a list of things you must put in practice and another for things you must avoid at all costs. Do you know them all? Do you want to find out some secrets that can ease up your work? Read this article and find out what are the most common blunders and how you can avoid them.

1. Don’t show the property’s imperfections

Now it’s the perfect moment to show the property’s best features, not blunders. So, try to avoid structural defects or errors as much as possible. The best way to do it? Avoid using a fisheye lens. Some specialists say that ‘Even though your initial intention is a good one, it will ruin everything in the end if you use this type of lens.’ The place won’t look as open as you wish; on the contrary, it will just look smaller and awkward. Traditional lenses are better, so stick to what you know for sure that will work.

2. Take the season into account

The season in which you are putting your listing on the market is essential and should guide the way you take your photos. Use it in your favor and adapt. For instance, if you are photo shooting during summertime, then you might focus on the outdoor area, the swimming pool, or the deck. If it’s wintertime, then a bit of good advice would be to emphasize the fireplace’s unique ambiance. Make the house look cozy and warm in the photos!


3. Don’t take a poorly lit photo

When it comes to the interiors, you need sufficient light for the images to look bright and appealing. Use as many sources as you have, but still make it look natural. Go for both natural and artificial light – switch every bulb on to make your pictures sparkle.

4. Capture the rooms, but not if they’re messy

As a homeowner or professional photographer, you should never be in any of the pictures. You need to make viewers see themselves in the mirrors, not you, or your camera. This is one of those ‘no-no’ basic rules! Also, if you’re dealing with a messy property, try to adjust the angles as much as possible. You wouldn’t want to show scattered socks or garbage and, if you’re the owner, make sure you clean up the place before the photo-shoot.


5. Don’t ignore the angles or rooms

The angle of the photos must be just right. You shouldn’t give the impression of imperfection in any way! Make sure the shot is level.Take a photo of every room, don’t skip any of them, or a possible buyers might think you are trying to mislead them, or that you are trying to hide something. Be as transparent as possible!

6. Send pets away

Don’t let pets wander around the house during a photo session unless the owner plans to sell them together with the property. We’re only kidding, but seriously, pets don’t make for a good selling point and should be taken for a walk or to a relative before you start your work. Not to mention that your photography equipment would not be very safe around dirty paws, wagging tails and sharp teeth.



All in all, the listing photos of the property should be a tool that facilitates the entire transaction. Expose the best features of the house in the photos and make it grab the attention of the viewers.

Julia E. Miller

Julia is passionate about bringing big ideas to life and crafting storylines that connect people on a profound level. She has a strong conceptual and strategic thinking, integrating different disciplines across real estate photography, advertising, technology and experiential marketing. In the last seven years, she worked full-time and freelance for a variety of award-winning weekly and monthly publications.

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