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Archives for: "home"

Things to ask your home inspector

Feb 13 Lisa Ross 1

Working with a home inspector is a must when you are in search to purchase a new property. Are you still wondering why? There is a huge list of reasons, however, the fact that a home inspector can actually give you an official opinion concerning the condition […]

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What should I expect from my Real Estate Agent?

Feb 2 Lisa Ross 3

There is no doubt that choosing to work with a real estate agent when dealing with a transaction is your best call. However, do you really know why you should hire a good real estate agent? Do you really know what you should expect and what not? […]

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Incredible myths about real estate agents!

Jun 18 Lisa Ross 0

When it comes to working with real estate agents it is essential to make a clear distinction between fact and fiction from the early start. With this in mind, more and more agents wonder why do myths seem to spread by the day? And the reason is […]

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Amazing realty myths and facts!

Jun 2 Lisa Ross 0

In order to make the smartest choices on the realty market, you need to be aware of what is really true and what is not. Either that you are a buyer or a seller try to separate facts from fiction! Our world can really be a confusing […]

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House hunting, mistakes to avoid!

May 21 Lisa Ross 3

If you are one of those enthusiastic home buyers who think – ‘What’s so difficult about buying a new property after all?’, then the best advice would be to document yourself before you begin this journey. Purchasing a property all by yourself implies a lot of risks! […]

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Crucial things you need to do before listing your home

Jan 13 Lisa Ross 6

Are you planning to sell your home? Then, you are probably looking for a life upgrade – a larger house, a more suitable location or you just simply need a change. Either way, you have to follow several steps in order to make sure this is really […]

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Should you buy a house during the holiday season?

Dec 15 Lisa Ross 6

There is a common knowledge that the best period of the year to sell or to buy a house is during spring or summer, however winter has also its own advantages that at the end appear to weigh a lot more in comparison to its drawbacks! But, […]

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How to protect your belongings during an open house

Dec 11 Lisa Ross 8

So, you want to sell your house and your real estate agent said your house needs an open house. Everything sounds OK so far, but here comes the scary part: what can you do to prepare for an open house, taking into account that complete strangers will […]

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Easy changes anyone can make to have a harmonious home!

Dec 9 Lisa Ross 2

‘It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.’ – Author Unknown How do you feel when you walk into your home? Calm? Peaceful? Or do you have the same mood you had at work? You need a getaway plan for today’s […]

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How to sell my ‘unique’ home faster?

Nov 19 Lisa Ross 3

Selling a property is without a doubt difficult, especially in today’s market, but what more can you do if the property has, let’s say, some uncommon features. Then, how can you sell it? Does it need major improvements? First of all, you need to understand that not […]

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