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Archives for: "property"

Buying a home has never been easier!

Jul 2 Lisa Ross 0

Buying a home in today’s hectic world may either stress or scare buyers. However, this entire experience doesn’t have to be like this for you too! Instead, you can get to enjoy it, if you know the essential steps you need to take. Don’t let the high […]

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House for sale: What type of seller are you?

Jul 1 Lisa Ross 0

Every property is different, every seller is different! If you too have a house for sale, let’s find out together the category you best fit into! Why? If you know what you’re doing wrong, you can make the entire selling process a lot easier for you. Let’s […]

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Types of home buyers. Does it sound familiar?

Jun 30 Lisa Ross 0

Do you want to buy a home? What is your number one priority? Depending on your requirements, lifestyle and necessities, at least one of the following types of home buyers will sound familiar to you. What type of home buyer are you really? Profile types of home […]

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Factors that will influence your property value!

Jun 22 Lisa Ross 1

Whether you want to sell your property or you’re just researching the topic for future plans, you need to be aware of the factors that determine your property value! Find out what raises and what lowers it, to know if you can do something to increase your […]

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Amazing realty myths and facts!

Jun 2 Lisa Ross 0

In order to make the smartest choices on the realty market, you need to be aware of what is really true and what is not. Either that you are a buyer or a seller try to separate facts from fiction! Our world can really be a confusing […]

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Property for sale: What is my house worth?

May 22 Lisa Ross 4

Pricing a house is tricky, but more than that it’s often one of the essential factors that influences a real estate transaction. As a result, setting the right price from the start is crucial. But, how can you know for sure what is your home worth? To […]

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Property for sale – tips for Realtors!

May 13 Lisa Ross 4

It’s not a novelty anymore that the real estate market is constantly changing, and the requests of today’s buyers don’t match with those of yesterday! The competition is fierce and the only way to sell faster and for top dollars is by adapting to current trends and […]

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A guide to surviving the housing market! 

Apr 29 Lisa Ross 3

How difficult is to achieve success in real estate? Is there any shortcut? Well, some may be tempted to say that it is as hard as learning to effectively sell real estate, but unfortunately things are not quite that simple, especially if you are new to the […]

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How to manage an investment property, best tips and tricks!

Apr 8 Lisa Ross 2

‘Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.’ – Warren Buffett Investing in real estate may sound easy on paper, but how are things in reality? Is it possible to convert an investment property into a […]

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Common desires of a home buyer!

Jan 20 Lisa Ross 9

‘There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home.’ – Kenny Guinn What house aspects top home buyers’ wish lists? What are some of their most common priorities? Let’s discover together the property must-haves for a large number of today’s prospective buyers. Either that […]

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