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Archives for: "real estate agents"

How to Get More Leads With a Killer Property Description

Apr 12 Julia E. Miller 0

“Beach-front amazing property”, “designer finishes”, “all new stainless steel appliances”. Sound familiar? What about “move-in ready”, “clean house” and, the most common one, “a dream come true”.  Can I get a snooze button to go with that? While photography is a big part of the real estate […]

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How will Millennials Shape the Real Estate Market in 2017?

Jan 26 Julia E. Miller 0

Millennials have grown up. Pushing 36, they’ve started thinking about marriage and children, and plan to move out of their parents’ basement into their own homes, often in the suburbs. This coming of age has manifested itself for some time now, reached a historic peak in 2016 […]

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6 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value

May 25 Lana Hawkins 1

Your home should be a sanctuary that reflects your taste and values. However, no matter how comfortable and rich your indoors is, the landscaping is the first thing people will notice. And if your home does not have curb appeal, the property value could decrease, even though […]

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Top reasons buyers want new homes

May 24 Lisa Ross 0

It is said that 3 out of every 5 Americans are more likely inclined to buy new homes than old ones, and the reasons vary greatly. Apart from the fact that new homes come with a huge list of benefits, there are features today’s buyers are willing […]

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How to find the house listing you need

May 19 Lisa Ross 0

When searching for the house of your dreams, you will stumble upon an overwhelming number of listings. So, how can you know which one to click on, to visit and eventually make an offer for? How can you be sure you’re not ignoring a house listing that […]

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Why is real estate a smart investment?

May 4 Lisa Ross 2

We’ve all heard at some point that common saying that real estate is one of the safest investments we could ever make. But, have you ever wondered why? What are the reasons behind this statement? Let’s figure out why real estate can get to be a smart […]

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Millennials and Real Estate, things to know

Apr 28 Lisa Ross 1

We’ve all heard the term Millennials by now. But what should real estate agents know about Millenials to get the job done faster and easier? Let’s study some of the facts about Millennials and their main preferences. The Millennials or the Generation Y, as it’s also called, […]

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Best practices for new real estate agents

Apr 19 Lisa Ross 0

Getting your real estate license is a big step in your future career, but what then? What should you do after you are officially a real estate agent? The first steps are critical, so here is an essential guide for new estate agents who wish for a […]

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Tips to get more online home buyers

Apr 7 Lisa Ross 0

The Internet has become a great tool for both real estate agents, who promote their listings online and active home buyers, who seek for properties. Therefore, knowing how to use it to your own advantage can increase your chances of success. As the competition among real estate […]

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How to face your home-buying fears

Feb 25 Lisa Ross 2

The home-buying process sounds terrifying for many buyers out there, but it should not prevent you from actually buying a property. There are simple ways you could try to overcome your fears and actually enjoy the process; after all, home-buying should be exciting and entertaining at the […]

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