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Archives for: "realtor"

6 Powerful Tips to Find the Best Houses For Sale

Jul 5 Layla Flinn 0

Buying a home is a dream project for most people. They search the best house for a reasonable price, where they can live a comfortable life with their families. Normally, it is not easy to find “the one” for a person who has never dealt with the […]

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How to Avoid Real Estate Mistakes When You Sell

Oct 25 Lana Hawkins 1

Whether this is your first time selling a house or you already have some experience in conducting sales of this scale, the complete process tends to be quite overwhelming. Of course, while there are certain factors you simply can’t affect in any way, there are other things […]

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Common home inspection problems to look for!

Feb 18 Lisa Ross 0

Willing to buy a home? Then, have in mind these common problems you should check out when making your home inspection for the first time. Although, a qualified home inspector is your best bet and a must at the same time, here are some of the things […]

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A real estate investment property, the risks nobody talks about

Aug 18 Lisa Ross 2

If you are too one of those enthusiastic newbie investors, then you certainly need to attentively study the levels of risks that lay ahead of you before writing down the check. But do you really know in what you’re getting yourself into? Let’s discover together some of […]

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What successful Realtors never do!

Aug 11 Lisa Ross 8

Irrespective of the type of industry we’re talking about there are always secrets that can lead you to success, and real estate is no exception to the rule. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is probably just one of the essential rules of succeeding in today’s hectic […]

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How to determine the correct house prices!

Aug 7 Lisa Ross 2

Whether you want to sell your house quickly or not, there are several basic factors you need to consider, essential steps to make and some vital tips to take into account to get you the desired result. Thus, you’ll avoid some of the most common mistakes and […]

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A Realtor will help you sell your property fast!

Jun 4 Lisa Ross 0

How can you get top dollars for your property? How can you sell it in a short amount of time? Well, this answer certainly pops-up in your mind – ‘I need a specialist to do it for me!’ and you’re right! A Realtor will help you sell […]

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How to make sure you sell your house this spring?

Mar 3 Lisa Ross 4

So, spring is here and you haven’t sold your house yet. Don’t worry, now you can be positive the perfect moment has arrived! But, what should you do to make sure you’ll get to find your buyer one of these days? Here are some tips and tricks […]

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Tips for making a good first impression in Real Estate!

Jan 22 Lisa Ross 16

There is a common knowledge that you can never change the first impression you make. Therefore, as a real estate agent it is crucial to know what you should be careful about and when you should make yourself remarked; and the first meeting with a potential customer […]

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Top reasons you have trouble selling your home

Dec 17 Lisa Ross 8

Having trouble selling your home? Then, you are probably making one of the following mistakes. Whether we are talking about a fast seller’s market or about a slow buyer’s market, there are plenty of reasons to justify why things are not going according to plan for you. […]

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