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How to Get More Real Estate Leads in 2020: 7 Amazing Tricks

Jan 20 Chloe Taylor 0

Whether you’re a solo player in the real estate world, or you run an entire agency under your wing, the upcoming months can make or break your business depending on the strategic steps you take to bring more clients to your door. With the growing need for […]

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5 Benefits of Virtual Tours in the Real Estate Industry

Jul 22 Corey Tyner 3

The real estate industry is rapidly becoming more and more technology-based. Gone are the days of print advertising and mail-outs. These days, you have to have a technological edge to be a next-level agent for both sellers and buyers. Having professional pictures taken has been one of […]

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5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Professional Photos

Nov 26 Sean Lockwood 2

If you own a business, you’re probably aware that managing expenses keep your operations going. And the bigger the business the harder it gets. You must think about marketing, payroll and inventory expenses. The actual list is longer, but these are some major money-eating items. It’s rather […]

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How to Get More Leads With a Killer Property Description

Apr 12 Julia E. Miller 0

“Beach-front amazing property”, “designer finishes”, “all new stainless steel appliances”. Sound familiar? What about “move-in ready”, “clean house” and, the most common one, “a dream come true”.  Can I get a snooze button to go with that? While photography is a big part of the real estate […]

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How to sell your house fast: everyone will want to buy it!

Jan 8 Lisa Ross 3

If you have stumbled upon this problem too – how to sell your house fast, then you must definitely read this article! Check out the Don’ts you have to avoid, to make the process as smoothly as possible! Irrespective of the property we’re talking about, there is […]

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Tour Wizard Self-Service Virtual Tour Platform is LIVE!

Nov 12 Lisa Ross 0

Have you heard the latest news? Tour Wizard is now LIVE and committed to bringing you quality and revolutionary virtual tour products! Do you want to have a user-friendly software to better market your listings and make a lasting impression? Do you want to increase your business […]

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Save money with these smart remodeling tips!

Sep 24 Lisa Ross 0

Irrespective of the reason you got to the conclusion that refreshing your home is a must, you have to take into account several aspects before starting to invest money into it. Either because you want to sell your property for more, or because you simply think ‘home’ […]

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For sale by owner or not?

Jul 9 Lisa Ross 0

Although you certainly know your property better than anyone else, this doesn’t mean that you are the perfect person to sell it too. Why go with the hustle of trying for sale by owner when you can choose the easiest and safest way – hire a real […]

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Pros and cons of buying new homes

Jul 3 Lisa Ross 5

Buying new homes has both advantages and disadvantages as well. So, before you make up your mind, balance things wisely. We have nailed down a list with pros and cons that will help you! Fingers crossed! Buying new homes: advantages and disadvantages! Pros of buying new homes […]

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Types of home buyers. Does it sound familiar?

Jun 30 Lisa Ross 0

Do you want to buy a home? What is your number one priority? Depending on your requirements, lifestyle and necessities, at least one of the following types of home buyers will sound familiar to you. What type of home buyer are you really? Profile types of home […]

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