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Marketing strategies for real estate agents!

Jun 5 Lisa Ross 4

Whether you are a pro in real estate or just a newbie, there are always things you can do to improve your marketing strategies. After all, your success in real estate depends mostly on your marketing skills. Top 7 tips for better marketing strategies! Advertise your business […]

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How much is my house worth?

May 29 Lisa Ross 4

It’s not a novelty anymore to state that there are things that boost the value of your home, and also things that devalue it. Even though there are aspects that can hardly be changed or impossible to change at all, such as the location of the house, […]

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Cheap houses for sale: How-to guide!

May 28 Lisa Ross 3

Selling a property may seem daunting, but what is the real deal – is it easier or more difficult to sell affordable houses, taking into account the fierce competition and the number of potential buyers out there? Having cheap houses for sale means most of the time […]

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Hire a real estate agent when buying a house?

May 27 Lisa Ross 1

Do you want to buy a property? Do you think you can self-manage everything? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you should better think twice! Buying a house is not like buying a new pencil, that’s for sure! The amount of money and the level of stress […]

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Key ingredients for successful real estate investing!

May 26 Lisa Ross 3

There is no fast way to success in real estate investing, even though the majority of those who enter the business dream about it. No magical ingredients and no direct path… And there is more, even though some get to experience it after a while, others never […]

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Interior design ideas that help you sell!

May 25 Lisa Ross 1

Remodeling your property may come up for a variety of reasons, including – upgrade to sell the house. So what can you do to increase its chances to sell faster or boost its value? There are plenty of interior design ideas that really work, however, your goal […]

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House hunting, mistakes to avoid!

May 21 Lisa Ross 3

If you are one of those enthusiastic home buyers who think – ‘What’s so difficult about buying a new property after all?’, then the best advice would be to document yourself before you begin this journey. Purchasing a property all by yourself implies a lot of risks! […]

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Home value: What things lower your home’s price?

May 20 Lisa Ross 3

With today’s challenging housing market, there is no place left for sellers’ mistakes anymore. Getting the best deal on the market can be possible only if you do everything right from the early beginning. So, what are those exact factors that can decrease your home’s value and […]

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How to invest money in real estate

May 19 Lisa Ross 3

Real estate investing is more than just a business, it is an activity that can steal away precious money and time too. You need to be a little savvy to get to achieve success in this competitive arena, that’s for sure! Investing money is not an easy […]

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Renovate your house! Dos and Don’ts!

May 18 Lisa Ross 4

Planning to renovate your property? Either for personal use or because you plan to sell the property later on, you have to pick carefully what upgrades you should or shouldn’t do. The idea of renovating a property may be overwhelming, however, it can certainly pay off in […]

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