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Archives for: "virtual tour"

Fake it ‘til you make it! How to create a pseudo HDR effect

Aug 1 Julia E. Miller 1

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the Holy Grail of photography. We talked earlier about how every professional photographer seems to have an opinion about this type of photographic practice and why non-professionals are totally in love with it. While we let them further debate on this […]

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Great Tips for Creating the Perfect Basement Bedroom

Jul 18 Lana Hawkins 2

There is a time in every family’s life when you need an extra room. Children grow up and they need separate spaces. You need a quiet part of the home to sleep. Seniors can’t climb up the stairs. Grandparents move in. Or there is simply a need […]

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Impress your clients with stunning flyers!

Nov 2 Julia E. Miller 1

What better way to leave a lasting impression in a buyer’s memory than handing him a flyer of your property after an open house or promoting it on social media and marketing campaigns? Our wizards have simmered this idea for some time and the result is a […]

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How to easily make your home look more expensive

Sep 6 Diana Smith 1

Regardless if you are planning to put your home on the market and naturally wish to achieve the best price possible or you wish to make a change to your interior design and make your home look more expensive, you probably think that it will take a […]

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Should I sell my home

Jul 19 Lana Hawkins 3

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions one makes in life, and room for mistakes is minimal. The standard practice is to find a real estate agent and let the professionals do the heavy lifting. Alas, agent’s commission goes as much as 7% of the […]

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Cheap home remodeling ideas that pay off

May 26 Lisa Ross 1

Do you plan a home renovation? Are you looking for cheap projects that can uplift the looks of your property? Then, good news: we have prepared for you, 10 home remodeling ideas you could try. And the best part is that they won’t cost you an arm […]

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Top 7 hidden costs of home ownership

May 12 Lisa Ross 1

Thinking that home ownership might be cheaper than a monthly rent can turn out to be a huge surprise for some. Depending on the market you’re considering to buy a property in, make sure you are aware of the following costs that can turn your plans upside […]

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How to write a house offer letter

Apr 14 Lisa Ross 0

Are you in a competitive market? Do you have to bid against too many buyers and have already lost too many opportunities to purchase your dream house? Then, maybe it’s time to start sending personal house offers too. Why? A well- written house offer letter can enhance […]

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Tips from highly productive estate agents

Apr 12 Lisa Ross 0

No matter how well organized you believe you are, there are always distractions that can ruin your initial plans. So, how do the productive estate agents actually do it? What are the main principles they stick to? Let’s unveil some of the tricks you could be using […]

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When is it better to rent than buy a property?

Apr 5 Lisa Ross 0

If you doubt the idea of buying, then you shouldn’t buy at all because either you’re not ready to make this commitment or the whole idea might frighten you too much. A fact is certain: once you take out a monthly mortgage you should be prepared to […]

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