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Tips from highly productive estate agents

Apr 12 Lisa Ross 0

No matter how well organized you believe you are, there are always distractions that can ruin your initial plans. So, how do the productive estate agents actually do it? What are the main principles they stick to? Let’s unveil some of the tricks you could be using […]

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When is it better to rent than buy a property?

Apr 5 Lisa Ross 0

If you doubt the idea of buying, then you shouldn’t buy at all because either you’re not ready to make this commitment or the whole idea might frighten you too much. A fact is certain: once you take out a monthly mortgage you should be prepared to […]

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Top renovation mistakes

Mar 29 Lisa Ross 0

Knowing what renovation mistakes you need to avoid can help you make the most out of your time and money. Here are some of the costliest mistakes when trying to remodel a property before selling it. Skimping on the things you can’t see doesn’t mean they are […]

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Top tips for real estate investors!

Mar 22 Lisa Ross 2

As in any other business, there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. And real estate investing is no exception to this rule – there is no middle ground here. As a result, regardless of how easy things might seem, there are […]

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Why a first time home buyer can cancel the deal

Mar 10 Lisa Ross 0

Without any doubt, buying a house is a stressful period for anyone, especially for a first time home buyer. As a result, there are many the situations when such deals fall through. But why do most buyers back out at the last moment? Can you, as a […]

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Is a holiday house the right choice for you?

Mar 8 Lisa Ross 2

Buying a holiday house comes with its costs, risks and obligations too. Depending on the reason you’re buying such a property, we have put together a list of things to consider. We all want longer holidays and perfect places to relax… But is a holiday house the […]

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Flipping Houses – top tips for success!

Mar 3 Lisa Ross 1

Is flipping houses easy? Can anyone do it nowadays? Well, it depends if you’re up for the challenge or not. Flipping houses can be fun, but it is also a stressful and a risky business too. Thus, there is no wonder why estate flipping is also known […]

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How to face your home-buying fears

Feb 25 Lisa Ross 2

The home-buying process sounds terrifying for many buyers out there, but it should not prevent you from actually buying a property. There are simple ways you could try to overcome your fears and actually enjoy the process; after all, home-buying should be exciting and entertaining at the […]

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Common home inspection problems to look for!

Feb 18 Lisa Ross 0

Willing to buy a home? Then, have in mind these common problems you should check out when making your home inspection for the first time. Although, a qualified home inspector is your best bet and a must at the same time, here are some of the things […]

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Buying a house: what everyone should know!

Feb 16 Lisa Ross 2

Buying a new property is no easy task –that’s for sure. Thus, in order to make a wise call for your own budget and lifestyle, you need to be aware of these facts! As some say this is what all first time home buyers should know. Some […]

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