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Archives for: "virtual tour"

Top home pricing mistakes to avoid!

Feb 10 Lisa Ross 0

So you want to sell your home and you need a fast approach. Then, make sure you avoid the following home pricing mistakes that can cost you both time and money. Of course, selling your house might sound frightening and difficult at first sight, but remember – […]

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What should I expect from my Real Estate Agent?

Feb 2 Lisa Ross 3

There is no doubt that choosing to work with a real estate agent when dealing with a transaction is your best call. However, do you really know why you should hire a good real estate agent? Do you really know what you should expect and what not? […]

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Proven facts about selling a house

Jan 28 Lisa Ross 1

Selling a house is one of those life facts that the majority of us come across at a particular time in our lives. Irrespective of the reasons you are trying to sell your house too, here are some highly important facts you should be aware of. You’ve […]

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Top tips to consider when relocating!

Jan 26 Lisa Ross 0

Without a doubt the process of relocating to a new city is both nerve-racking, but exiting at the same time and requires a thorough research. It is not only about finding a new place where to live, there are also some factors you need to think about […]

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Get rid of your moving fears once and for all!

Jan 12 Lisa Ross 4

Overcoming your moving fears before they get you in a lot of trouble is essential! But, how can you really do this, the right way? The answer – be positive you avoid the following mistakes. Here are the things you certainly need to avoid, to have a […]

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How to sell your house fast: everyone will want to buy it!

Jan 8 Lisa Ross 3

If you have stumbled upon this problem too – how to sell your house fast, then you must definitely read this article! Check out the Don’ts you have to avoid, to make the process as smoothly as possible! Irrespective of the property we’re talking about, there is […]

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The biggest mistakes during real estate sales

Jan 5 Lisa Ross 3

When it comes to real estate sales there are a series of variables that all together conclude to closing a deal or not – and, for instance, here we talk about Open House events, tools to market the property, and ways to actually bring the negotiations to […]

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Selling your house in winter, a good or bad idea?

Dec 10 Lisa Ross 0

Have you heard about the so-called ‘spring selling season’? You probably did, it always comes out as the best season in real estate sales… But have you ever thought about selling your house in December or January? How brilliant is really this idea?  Well, here is some food […]

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Why videos are important for every property agent!

Dec 7 Lisa Ross 2

  It is not uncommon to state that nowadays listing videos have become one of the most powerful marketing tools for the real estate market. They are not only appreciated by real estate clients, but, in fact, are considered a must-have! Before trying to sell real estate, […]

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House buying tips: Furnished vs Unfurnished Property

Nov 24 Lisa Ross 0

There is no doubt that buying a house is a huge financial and emotional step. Thus, when it comes to making the call, you are most probably going to face the question – whether to buy a furnished or unfurnished property! So, in order to maximize the […]

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