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Top home pricing mistakes to avoid!

February 10, 2016 at 10:28 am Lisa Ross 0 Market Trends

So you want to sell your home and you need a fast approach. Then, make sure you avoid the following home pricing mistakes that can cost you both time and money.

Of course, selling your house might sound frightening and difficult at first sight, but remember – it is not impossible. As the house is probably your biggest investment, it’s absolutely normal for you to try to get as much as you can from your buyer. However, by making newbie home pricing mistakes you diminish your chances to get the money you desire.

Let’s get an in-depth insight into the matter and get some solutions for you!

Home pricing mistakes you should never make!

  • Put a scary price to have space for negotiation

home pricingAs crazy as this might sound, there are home buyers out there who think about listing their property on the market with a crazy price. Why? To have the chance to lower their price and negotiate. What’s wrong about this? Nothing, until you hit the market with a price that can scare even the most generous buyers. Indeed, you should leave yourself room for negotiation, however, do this with caution, you wouldn’t want to scare off all your buyers!

  • Set your price without a prior market analysis

Setting a price is, as some say, both art and science. You need to set an attractive asking price, but with a solid research as a background too. Otherwise said, you need to ask your real estate agent to give you a comparative market analysis. Study the properties in your area – are there any recent sales? What was their listing price? This can stand as your starting point!

  • Have time to wait for the right buyer

If you begin this journey listing your property with a high price saying to yourself that there is no need to worry because you can wait until you find the right buyer who will be able to offer you the money you’re asking, then you should think twice! This is one of those beginners’ mistakes! Even if you are not in a hurry to sell your house, think about this – the longer the property stays on the market, the more buyers will have doubts about it. Don’t raise suspicions, you don’t need that! List your house for what it is really worth, taking into account the market value too!

  • Set the price based on what you need

Your financial needs should not influence the listing price of your house. No one will be willing to pay you the money you need to buy your next home. Believe it or not, every seller does his/her research and knows what he/she is willing to pay. If your house is not in their price range, then they will most probably won’t make you any solid offer.

  • Let your imagination get into the scene

You have probably seen houses listed at $657.879. Well, don’t make this mistake. By putting random numbers just for fun you’ll just manage to get your buyers’ attention from your property to figuring out the numbers. Don’t let your creativeness affect your transaction! Ask your real estate agent more about this!

All in all, selling a house fast and without stress implies certain rules for you to follow and certain home pricing mistakes for you to avoid. Make sure at least these ones are not part of your plan before listing your property! Happy selling!

Lisa Ross

A former head writer for some of the most successful online magazines, Lisa Ross is the official writer of Tour Wizard. Widely regarded as one of the most prolific authors in today’s online world, Lisa came as a surprise for her audience often providing controversial points of view. She is considered one of the preeminent writers on real estate topics, who is also the fount of creativity and innovation for editors worldwide.

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