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What successful Realtors never do!

August 11, 2015 at 7:57 am Lisa Ross 8 Top Real Estate

Irrespective of the type of industry we’re talking about there are always secrets that can lead you to success, and real estate is no exception to the rule. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is probably just one of the essential rules of succeeding in today’s hectic real estate environment! But, let’s not stop here and discover some of the basics for achieving success as a Realtor!

The key principles for successful Realtors!

  • Successful Realtors never resist change

It is said that change is part of evolution, while evolution is part of success. Otherwise said, as a real estate professional you should never stop bringing your work and services to perfection. Our world is in a constant process of change, right? So, why shouldn’t your services be too? Try to adapt to be able to satisfy your clients’ requirements!

  • Successful Realtors never stop making use of technology

Technology is part of real estate and it can definitely make your job a lot easier if you use the right tools. Research the topic on a daily basis and keep yourself connected to updates and novelties. Why would you want to work more than your competition, instead of less but more efficient? Real estate is clearly not a domain where quantity should overcome quality!

  • Successful Realtors never say their job is a piece of cake

Becoming a Realtor is clearly not something that anyone can do, especially if we talk about becoming a successful one. Therefore, no experienced real estate professional would dare to say that this job is easy. There is nothing further from the truth to state that real estate is for everyone – obstacles and challenges appear on a daily basis, and only those creative specialists get to thrive around here!

  • Successful Realtors never lose the grip on things

successful realtorsBeing in control is a must around this industry. Think about it – your customers assume that you are there to support them and solve their problems. How can you do that if problems seem to always overwhelm you? For this not to happen you need to become an expert in this field, never panic and have a solid source of info!

  • Successful Realtors never forget about the importance of good marketing

To get leads, sell houses and have satisfied clients you need to efficiently make use of a good marketing. Therefore, it is never too late to get yourself up-to-date with the latest tendencies and tools in your industry. A good marketing will make clients never forget the quality of your services and will also help you build a solid reputation.

  • Successful Realtors never waste the time of anyone

Never being late for appointments, doing your homework and staying in a permanent contact with your customers is essential. Always have in mind – if your time is precious, then so is your clients’! As some get to the conclusion – in order to deliver exactly what people expect from you, you need to put yourself from time to time in their shoes!

  • Successful Realtors never forget to return phone calls or emails

One of the most elementary rules in any type of business is to stay in contact with your audience, give feedback and most importantly clarify any type of misunderstanding! Don’t let unanswered emails and return lost calls! You should be there for your clients!

To sum it all up, no matter how difficult the market seems to be at a certain point, a great Realtor will always find the right solution! Being creative, but rational at the same time is vital! To better understand this profession and get to be successful, follow some core rules and always have an outstanding plan! This is just a part of what successful Realtors do…

Lisa Ross

A former head writer for some of the most successful online magazines, Lisa Ross is the official writer of Tour Wizard. Widely regarded as one of the most prolific authors in today’s online world, Lisa came as a surprise for her audience often providing controversial points of view. She is considered one of the preeminent writers on real estate topics, who is also the fount of creativity and innovation for editors worldwide.

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8 comments on “What successful Realtors never do!”

  1. Liz Bobeck says:

    One more item to add to your list is that “Realtors never stop listening”, because even though we are licensed through the state to help with real estate transactions, we are also part therapists as we listen to people’s joys and fears through the buying or selling process. This is something the “flat-rate” companies fail to disclose, that when they take a client on, that client gets the level of service they paid for and its unfortunate, because these people are not “Realtors”, they are used car salespeople.

    1. Lisa Ross Lisa Ross says:

      Thank you for commenting, Liz! I entirely agree with you!

  2. Charo Bhatt says:

    Successful Realtors have successful coach…

  3. Marlana says:

    I must disagree here. It’s disheartening to hear another RE professional refer to fellow Agent’s as used car sales people. The RE Market is saturated with both good and bad Agent’s. Flat rate doesn’t necessarily yield bad results. It depends on the individual RE Agent. I’ve worked with other Agent’s earning well past what I thought to be reasonable and several were some of the most entitled awful people to work on a transaction with.

    I don’t think it’s reasonable to suggest flat rate Agencies provide poor results. It’s up to the consumer to do their homework and hire a full time Agent who will advocate for them. There are a lot of Agents who dabble part time, do it on the side, have full time jobs elsewhere and have no dedication to doing the right thing for a client. Paying out large commissions doesn’t equate to better service. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and witnessed Agents earning too much bank roll for their sub-par (at best) performance.

  4. Ben Vencer Jr. says:

    There are so many defnitions of success. Most of the opinions and comment of the author are good. There are specific citations which is not applicable in some cases. There are so many factors which influences our undertakings especially in real estate. I believe that always remember just do the right things followed by good deeds.

    1. Lisa Ross Lisa Ross says:

      Thanks, Ben!

  5. We are always networking.

    1. Lisa Ross Lisa Ross says:


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