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Virtual Tour Platform Questions and Answers

A virtual tour is an interactive simulation of an existing location; it may include Panoramics, Photo Galleries, Videos, Attached Documents and many other similar features. Basically, by looking at a virtual tour buyers can visit the desired property online, from the comfort of their own homes, zoom in on the details they are interested in and get a general impression before actually getting at the location. It’s just like they are actually there!

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In short, because it is the most effective real estate marketing tool available on the market and your clients need it to deal with the competition. A virtual tour gives your clients the visual advantages today’s viewers are looking for – the realistic feeling of visiting a property without actually leaving their own homes. Bridge the distance between the seller and the buyer effortlessly through a virtual tour made by Tour Wizard.

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A virtual tour simplifies the entire selling process – it helps building a brand and selling a property at the same time. More than that, it allows online visitors to see the listing irrespective of the country or of the time zone they are in. All in all, it markets the listing for your clients and speeds up the entire process!

In short, Tour Wizard is your solution to make your business stand out from your competition! With an experience of over 10 years, Tour Wizard is dedicated to meet your requirements, to provide cutting-edge marketing tools and complete virtual tour products to ease up your work. We are focused on client satisfaction and thus we are constantly updating our services to provide what you call state-of-the-art virtual tours.

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Once you have completed the Sign up Form and logged in to your account, you just have to choose either to Pay-Per-Tour or one of our amazing Memberships! Don’t worry, everything is user-friendly and you’ll find plenty of How-to Guides once logged in to your account! However, if you cannot manage, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team. With Tour Wizard everything is a snap!

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To create an account just follow the link below or click on the Sign UP button from the upper right side of the screen. Then, fill it in with your info and voila – you have an account created within minutes. No Sign-up Fees; it’s fast, easy and secure! Try it!

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From the moment your order is placed and all the photos are uploaded, your tour will be online in less than 15 minutes thanks to the cutting-edge technology we have chosen to use! No more lost time, everything is user-friendly and has been designed especially for you!

YES! We have created a large number of features for you to be able to create the product you have forever dreamt about. And what’s more, as you’re reading this, we are working on providing even more impressive features that will ease up your work! So, stay tuned for more surprises to come!

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You can either pay for each tour – Pay-per-Tour, or you can choose one of our Monthly Memberships and enjoy the advantages you get as a member with just a low monthly fee. Whatever you choose, you’ll be using your PayPal Account. To get more info about the opportunities we provide, check out the Services and Products Page.

Yes! Our Virtual Tours are mobile-friendly and have been designed to work on any type of device – Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android! Don’t worry about your browser either – you can use from Chrome to Firefox, and from Internet Explorer to Safari. With us you are one step closer to your audience!

No, your clients don’t need to install any add-on, additional software or players.

Of course, you’ll find different types of links in your account: Branded Virtual Tour, Non-Branded Virtual Tour, MLS Compliant Links or Standalone Links. It’s all there!

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